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Thermodynamics: Principles and Applications, Second Edition

Thermodynamics is considered the core engineering course in many engineering disciplines. Since the laws of thermodynamics are expressed in abstract terms, it is the one of the most challenging courses encountered by students during their undergraduate education. This eminent compendium provides a firm grasp of the abstract concepts, and shows how to apply these concepts to solve practical problems with numerous clear examples. Answers to all problems are provided. Four additional chapters are illuminated to show students how to deal with the thermodynamic problems involving nonideal pure substances as well as multicomponent mixtures. The concepts are highlighted with utmost clarity in simple language. Mathcad worksheets are provided in problems dealing with the cubic equations of state. This readable reference text is useful to researchers, academics, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and energy studies.

Extra Information

AUTHOR Tosun, Ismail
ISBN 9789811217067