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To prepare the student/reader for the study of calculus in the future.

Upon finishing the book, the student/reader should have learned about conic sections, systems of nonlinear equations, series and mathematical induction, the Binomial Theorem, trigonometric/circular and inverse trigonometric/circular functions, trigonometric/circular identities, trigonometric/circular and inverse trigonometric/circular conditional equations, and polar coordinates. Equipped with the knowledge of these competencies and those from previous courses, the student/reader in the STEM track should already be prepared enough to take his/her first course in calculus.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Some Topics in Analytic Geometry
Chapter 2: Series and Mathematical Induction
Chapter 3: Some Topics in Trigonometry

Extra Information

AUTHOR John Gabriel Pelias
ISBN 978-971-23-7845-4