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Kung Saan sa Katawan

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From whence in the body, indeed? especiall for the many critical reflections percolating in the mind? Especially if, in the end, like the Virgn Mother in the poem "Asuncion," Walang katawan... sa kaniyang pagkahubad. / Walang buto. Walang balat... "? one's eyes or n between them, for example? but then, as the speaker in "ang Mata" agonizes, " ..hindi sumasapat ang handog na paningin," and one is therefore still left with the insoluble conundrum: "Palaisipan: Saan... sa katawan nananahan?" The prolific and prolix Louis Jon A. Sanchez populates nearly all his poems here with discursive Subjects/speakers--they whose minds brim with troubling thoughts about all manner of things--and by bein gso, nearly all of them by being all-mind, make the body dematerialize, recede: the paradoxically absented body and its parts become idea or ideal itself, the spectral counterpoint/s to one's actively discoursing self or selves, oscillating between divagation and desire.

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AUTHOR Louie Jon A. Sanchez
ISBN 9789715067133