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Bolt: Invasive Species Takeover

- Countless angry bees headed our way! Fish that eat everything in the water where they're swimming! It's an invasive species takeover! This series examines some of the most prominent nonnative animals and plants making an ecological impact in their newfound homes.- Key Features* Cause-and-effect approached suited to NGSS-based classroom instruction and library programming* Attention-grabbing, instructive photos and text-reinforcing info-graphics attract and hold readers.* Innovative design may entice readers who usually are reluctant to read about science.- Titles in this series* Africanized Honey Bees Asian Carp - ISBN Burmese Pythons* Cane Toads* Kudzu * Northern Snake Heads* Red Fire Ants - * Zebra Mussels - 8 titles - 32 pages - 2017 edition - Hardbound

Extra Information

AUTHOR World Book
ISBN ISBN varies per book title