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Integrating Technology in English Language Arts Teacher Educ

Integrating Technology in English Language Arts Teacher Education investigates the technology practices teacher candidates in the US are being introduced to, how they are using these practices in classrooms, and how technology can be effectively integrated into English teacher education programs.By drawing upon findings from extensive longitudinal studies into teacher education programs in the US, this timely volume addresses critical themes relating to the integration of technology in education, including:• Teaching with technology• Technology for collaboration• Technology for individualized learning and assessmentBy analyzing the experiences of teacher educators and candidates, and offering detailed analysis of the content, practices, and skills being taught to pre-service English teachers, Pasternak examines the entities that drive or inhibit the adoption of technology into the secondary English language arts (ELA) curriculum.This volume will resonate with an international audience of post-graduate scholars and researchers interested in the fields of teacher education, English language arts, and the relationship between technology and classroom practice.

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AUTHOR Pasternak, Donna L.
ISBN 9781138359512