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History of the Bisayan People in the Phil. Islands Volume 3 - (Softcover)

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There is no doubt in our minds that the historians and our readership of the Bisayan People will welcome Volume Three with even greater enthusiasm since it offers and presents some 24 chapters of ancient Bisayan cultural and lifeways material. We shall choose for consideration here mainly the central thrust of this Book Three of Alcina’s Historia which treats the ancient Pre-Hispanic Religion of our Bisayans. In his exploration, inquiries and questioning of the elderly and the more knowledgeable Samareños, Alcina detected and surmised that his Bisayans seemingly had some knowledge of the true God or Divinity by the names they gave to their ‘diwata’/‘god’ in their antiquity. – from the Editors

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AUTHOR Cantius J. Kobak, O.F.M. and Lucio Gutierrez, O.P
ISBN 9789715063349X