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EL and EY The Adventurous Shells


El and Ey are seashells curious about the real meaning of love. They asked the King of the Sea but they were not satisfied with his answers so they had decided to go to the seashore and find out for themselves. On their way, they experienced hardships and dangers. They were separated. They were about to give up when something happened during their exciting adventures that made them realized valuable lesson about loving others. | Written by: Mary Ann Ordinario | Illustrated by: Yasmin S. Ong | Published: 2003 | Revised Edition: September 2018 | Published by: ABC Educational Development Center | ISBN: 971-92177-8-2 | 2016 AFCC Singapore Samsung KidsTime Author's Award, 2nd Prize Winner | Winner for Best Short Story for Children 2004 CMMA - Catholic Mass Media Awards | Language: English | Age Recommendation: 3 and above | 40 pages, 7x9

Extra Information

AUTHOR Mary Ann Ordinario
ISBN 971-92177-8-2