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Comprehensive Guide to Physical Examination

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"Comprehensive Guide to Physical Examination" shall equip medical students with proficiency in patient examination. It contains the following:
• Basic concepts essential in performing certain clinical skills and understanding fundamental physiologic and pathologic bases of signs, symptoms, and maneuvers
• Illustrations that contribute to easy understanding of techniques and procedures
• Step-by-step instructions with pictures for examination methods and procedures
• An online video presentation that effectively enhances step-by-step instructions
• Sample reports of physical examination findings
• Guide questions designed to facilitate recall of important concepts discussed
• Procedure Guide/Checklist with tips on how to further develop examination skills

Comprehensive Guide to Physical Examination is the only physical examination book with:
• Concept maps containing algorithms or flowcharts that give overviews of the major topics and guide students in identifying key concepts
• Detailed instructions on how to draw and accomplish a cardiac auscultogram with sample forms representing different cardiac conditions
• A comprehensive discussion and representation of lung auscultogram by Dr. Noel Bautista, which may be applied to diverse pulmonary situations

Comprehensive Guide to Physical Examination is a dependable resource for learners of all ages—a go-to material on physical examination.

Extra Information

AUTHOR Melvin R. Marcial, MD
ISBN 9789715067690