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Barefoot Bulayan - A True to Life Story of a Bagobo Boy Who Does Not Like to Wear Shoes

Children around the world belong to a particular culture. We need to encourage them to approach people's differences by learning from one another, rather than judging or imposing on what we believe is right. Bulayan is a beautiful story that teaches children to respect different customs and beliefs. Yes, each person is different but no matter what, we are very much alike. Our hearts are the same. We all need to be loved and treated with understanding and kindness. | Written by: Mary Ann Ordinario | Illustrated by: Bernadette Solina-Wolf | Published: 2018 | Published by: ABC Educational Development Center | ISBN: 978-971-0492-42-8 | Language: English | Age Recommendation: 3 and above | 35 pages, 10x10 inches

Extra Information

AUTHOR Mary Ann Ordinario
ISBN 978-971-0492-42-8