List of Exhibitors (As of May 28, 2019)

Abiva Publishing House, Inc.

Adarna House, Inc.

Airbooks Corporation/Britannica

Alexan Commercial

Alpha Stream Marketing

Anvil Publishing, Inc.


Asia/Pacific Circulation Exponents, Inc.

Ateneo de Manila University Press

Authors Press

Bayard Assumption Media Foundation, Inc.

Belview Co., Inc.

Book Trends Enterprises

Book Vine Business Outsourcing (Book Vine Press)

Bookmark, Inc.

Bookquick Marketing

Bookware Publishing Corporation

Bridge Publications, Inc.

Brilliant Creations Publishing, Inc.

C & E Publishing, Inc.

Catholic Book Center

CD Books International, Inc.

Cengage Learning Asia Pte. Ltd.

Central Book Supply, Inc.

Ceres Asia Marketing, Inc.

China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd.

Christian Growth Ministries

Christian Literature Crusade, Inc.

Church Strengthening Ministry

Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc.

Comic Odyssey

Cosmos Bazar Inc.

Creative Mind Books Center

Cunanan Map House

Cyclophil Educational Promotion, Inc. (Grolier)

Data Science and Technology Corporation

Don Bosco Press, Inc.


Emerald Headway Distributors, Inc.

F & J de Jesus, Inc.

Far Eastern University

Fastbooks Educational Supply, Inc.

Felta Multi-Media, Inc.

Forefront Book Co., Inc.

Fortune Publishing & Media

Fujian Publishing Industry Trading Co., Ltd.

Fully Booked

Gentle Star Trading, Corp.

Global International Education Link Enterprises Co.

Golden Books Services, Inc.

Great Books Trading

High Access Line Phils. Corp.

IBC Book Consolidators, Inc.

Ilaw ng Tahanan Publishing, Inc.

IRH Press Co., Ltd. (Happy Science)

Jesuit Communications Foundation, Inc.

Jevzam's Enterprise

Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino

Lighthouse Inspirational Books & Gifts, Inc.

Linar Educatioonal Materials, Inc.

Logos Publications, Inc.

Lyric Piano & Organ Corporation

Mark Phillip Castillo

Megatexts Phil., Inc.

Merr-C Society of the Word Foundation, Inc.

Mind Mover Publishing House, Inc.

Mind Tools, Inc.

Mindshapers Co., Inc.

Mindwerks - The Toy Shoppe

MSA Publishing House

National Book Store, Inc.

National Historical Commission of the Philippines

Navigator Ministries, Inc.

New Century Books

New Day Publishers

OMF Literature, Inc.

Our Daily Bread Ministries Phiippines, Inc.

Oxford Publishing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

PageJump Editorial Services (PageJump Media)

Pathfinder Books


Pert Enterprises

Philippine Bible Society, Inc.

Philippine Christian Literature, Inc.

Phoenix Educational Systems, Inc.

Phoenix Publishing House, Inc.

Precious Pages Corp.

PSICOM Publishing Inc.

Reader's Knowledge Bookstore

Rex Book Store, Inc.

SC Mardison Corporation

Shepherd House Publishers, Inc.

Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc.

Sinag-Tala Publishers, Inc.

St Pauls

St. Matthew's Publishing Corporation

Summit Publishing Co., Inc.

The Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of the Philippines, Inc.

Touchlife Global Foundation Inc.

Tradewinds Books

Trinity Marketing, Inc.

University of Santo Tomas Publishing House

University of the Philippines Press

Unlimited Books Library Services & Publishing, Inc.

Valiant Asia Pacific Corporation

Vibal Group

Visprint, Inc.

Viva Books Publishing Inc.

Viviamo Inc.

Wiseman's Books Trading, Inc.

Word & Life Publications

Write Conversations Publishing and Consultancy

WS Pacific Publications Inc.

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